Our Founder

AminaVery early on I asked myself what life’s purpose and what my mission was.  My great grandmother Luisa Valdes Medina, was always my best friend.  Back then, she was the only one that would provide transportation to school for kids with special conditions like Down syndrome.

Since my school was a bit far from the city I had the opportunity to share with these kids in order to go along for the ride and get to my school.  In the beginning I didn’t understand them very well but in time the more I shared with them the better I felt  and the more I saw they were very special people that had no malice, and I would prefer them to my peers at  school.

Although my great grandmother is no longer with us, she imprinted my heart with that love for humanity and that constant question and need to know what was my mission in life.  I have always carried in my heart that little girl that would close her eyes and see what today has become my reality, a reality that has a name now and it’s called “Shine Bright Foundation”.

Although this route presents itself with many challenges, I have complete faith that we will conquer our great purpose impacting the lives of many, not only individuals with special conditions but also those members of our community that are in great need for inspiration and consciousness.

Venezuelan born in December 1981 in Merida, Venezuela resident of Miami Florida since 1996 shares her intention to establish a Shine Bright Foundation 

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